Writing as “SOVRRN”: Legacy Command

For at least the near foreseeable future, I, Chris W. Vasques will be writing under the name "SOVRRN." This is a shortened moniker of the word "Sovereign" which means "one possessing or held to possess supreme political power or sovereignty." To me, this represents the essence of autonomy, resilience, self-regeneration, and sustainability. I just graduated … Continue reading Writing as “SOVRRN”: Legacy Command


“Make Change. But First, Make Peace.”

Powerful Truth: Addiction is a symptom of pain. Addiction to food, consumerism, drugs, but also power and wealth. But pain from what? Lack of connection - to others and to ourselves. This concept is what I did my senior project on - and the knowledge has changed me profoundly. Buddha told the story of the … Continue reading “Make Change. But First, Make Peace.”

“A Walking Pace”

  Life in Fairfield Iowa is best met at a walking pace. This “appropriate” speed is something I feel every time the Caddy is having a little mechanical mood swing, and becomes undrivable. Since Monday morning, the Caddy has been unresponsive. I believe it is related to the ignition, but it could possibly be the … Continue reading “A Walking Pace”